Is it free to participate?

Yes, the participation in the program is free.

Can my students use the app for free?

Yes, they can use the Yoganotch App for free.

Can I control my content?

Yes! You can decide who can access your virtual studios's content and whether it is free or paid. The only thing we ask for is to keep 3 classes open for all to try out.

Do I need a yoganotch kit?

Although this is not mandatory, we do encourage you to get a kit so you can test out your Yoganotch classes.

How can my students get yoganotches?

They can order it from using your special coupon code.

Can I make money with Yoganotch?

Yes! We have a special program for yoga studios. Send us a note to find out more!

How can I get audience for my Yoganotch classes?

While we will of course promote your content to the Yoganotch userbase, you can also share access to your virtual studio with your existing students or as part of promotion.

I do not yet have videos. Is that a problem?

Not at all - we can work with you to create new content that would integrate seamlessly with Yoganotch feedback engine. We have tutorials and guidelines to help you get started.

Why yoganotch is so special?

Yoganotch is the world's first virtual yoga assistant that uses motion sensors and artifical intelligence (yes, actually!) to make practicing yoga even more rewarding and engaging. It helps you get better at yoga without getting in the way of your practice. It provides you with real-time feedback on asana form and creates your personal Yoga timelie that takes into account every little detail of your practice.

What features are available now?

Real-time feedback on asana form, practice logging and . .

Is Yoganotch available now?

Yoganotch is currently available through Premiere Access program where Yoganotch Founder edition kits are availble to yoga-tech enthusiasts, our industry partners and friends.

What's your timeline?

Participants in Yoganotch Premiere Access program will receive their kits in October 2019

Can you tell me more about your team?

We are based in New York and Budapest and have been working on this technology since 2013. If you are our neighbor - come say hi!