Virtual Studio for
Your Yoga Studio

Turn your classes into interactive yoga videos.

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How does it work?

Yoganotch Studio is the online platform for interactive yoga lessons.

With Yoganotch people can attend your classes on their schedule via the mobile app and still get the feedback on their yoga thanks to Yoganotch technology.

  • Make your classes available to current studio members remotely.

  • Offer interactive Yoganotch classes to your existing members as a membership benefit.

  • Control who, when and what terms can take your interactive classes.

  • Grow your business with the online subscription revenue from the Yoganotch audience.

Next-level benefits
for your next member

As if your first-time visitors needed that one extra nudge to become your long-time members. But if they do - this is it.

Stand out among other yoga studios by providing your members with instant access to powerful and useful yoga technology.

Make their second, third and fourth visits easy by connecting with your future members through your virtual studio installed on their smartphones.

Make your schedule
work for everyone

As if your members needed that another reminder of why they love your studio. But you can’t have too much love so here it is.

Increase the committment of your existing members by offering a way to practice your yoga classes even when they cannot make it to the studio.

Invite your students to a safe online environment where they can share their progress and challenges.

Help your teachers provide meaningful, informed feedback based on their students’ practice stats.

How do we start?

Set up your virtual studio profile
Create a sample
interactive yoga lesson
Invite your exising members or open up your virtual audience to the world

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